angie jackson, cake ball designer

angie jackson, cake ball designer

Just a girl with a recipe, and lots of creativity.

I first saw cake balls in the local newspaper. Then again when I became addicted to a blog all about baking. Then friends started wanting them and, as they say, the rest is history!

The cake balls turned into cake pops, which then began taking on new forms. It’s fun, relaxing and brings a smile to peoples faces when they bite into one of the succulent treats!

What is a cake ball? It’s your favorite cake combined with the right flavor of icing, then rolled into shape, and dipped in creamy chocolate creating the perfect balance of cake and candy. But don’t stop there. They are made fresh when you order them and will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks (not that anyone has ever kept them that long…).

Try the cake pops for special occasions too! Same as a cake ball, then stuck on a lollipop and decorated to match your theme. Cake Pops add flair to any gathering! Bunco night, baby showers, retirement parties, Friday night movie night, birthday (great as party favors) and so much more.

Lots of fun and lots of smiles! Contact me to see how we can make your next dinner party, birthday or Friday night a success.

angiescake -at- gmail -dot- com

Located in League City, TX, smack dab in between Houston and Galveston!

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