Cake Balls 101: How to use Cake Balls as leverage in personal training

15 Mar

Barbara recently celebrated her….birthday….! She had cake balls at a recent event  and tucked the Angie’s Cake business card away in order to remember to buy the treats for her party! I recently checked in with Barbara to see how her celebration went and she had this to say:

My birthday party was wonderful; everyone raved about the cake balls. When I went to see my personal trainer after my party, I told him before he yelled at me for gaining weight he need to have a cake ball.  After eating one, he said he completely understood my putting on a few pounds.  In fact, as soon as I lose 5 more pounds, we plan to celebrate with some cake balls.

So, as a mental note, taking cake balls WITH you to your training session will enable you to actually EAT MORE cake balls. I think we could ALL learn from Barbara’s negotiation skills.

Thanks for sharing Babs! (sorry, just wanted to say Babs!)

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