Have you visited the Cake Ball Love Truck?

1 May

Cake Ball Love Truck

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn where the truck will be parked next! The truck visits Food Parks around town, plus corporate office buildings. The truck makes a great addition to corporate and private events. Stocked with lots of goodies, you can select from the flavors on board each day, or place your custom order to pick up from the truck! email us angiescake @ gmail.com  (no spaces when emailing) to place your order or request the truck.

The truck is also commissioned from time-to-time for private parties. Please email or call to inquire!

Grooms Cake Galore!

17 Mar

Sweets for the Sweet

20 Jan

Say what you need to say

Beautiful damask cake balls to match your decor!

15 Jul

I really liked the colors and design in this. They were created and packaged as favors for a baby shower. But these can be used individually to decorate any table decor, or coffee table. Imagine them on a buffet. Or black and white….the possibilities are endless.

Beachy Fun and a Walk on the Wild Side

8 Jul

Party Favors to match any theme

18 Jun

A golf themed party creates a buzz with a golf ball pop display complete with grass!

Learn more about creating custom tags and labels for your event. Angie’s Cake works closely with Whimsical Wishes in Clear Lake to create a tag to match your theme and style! See an example below of some baby shower tags.

Custom Tags by Whimsical Wishes. Photography by Sean Blake Photography

Yo! Gabba Gabba!

23 Apr

For those of you familiar with the popular childrens television programming, you can appreciate this! Contact Angie’s Cake to learn how we can match your party theme!

Golf {cake} Balls

6 Apr

I might play more golf if I had these balls on the course! Customized Golf Cake Balls perfect for watching the Masters, or a golf-themed party.

Want to say Happy Birthday to a Super Star?

23 Mar

Cake Balls 101: How to use Cake Balls as leverage in personal training

15 Mar

Barbara recently celebrated her….birthday….! She had cake balls at a recent event  and tucked the Angie’s Cake business card away in order to remember to buy the treats for her party! I recently checked in with Barbara to see how her celebration went and she had this to say:

My birthday party was wonderful; everyone raved about the cake balls. When I went to see my personal trainer after my party, I told him before he yelled at me for gaining weight he need to have a cake ball.  After eating one, he said he completely understood my putting on a few pounds.  In fact, as soon as I lose 5 more pounds, we plan to celebrate with some cake balls.

So, as a mental note, taking cake balls WITH you to your training session will enable you to actually EAT MORE cake balls. I think we could ALL learn from Barbara’s negotiation skills.

Thanks for sharing Babs! (sorry, just wanted to say Babs!)